Jeanne Anderson

A portrait photo of Jeanne Anderson wearing a black blouse and jacket standing in front of a painting on a gallery wall.

Jeanne Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Danvas, creating the world’s most innovative and beautiful digital displays that revolutionize how people engage with and appreciate digital art. Prior to Danvas, Jeanne was the General Manager of Saatchi Art, where she was responsible for leading the original art, hospitality, and global art fair businesses.  She has spoken at CES and SXSW on How Technology is Transforming Art Collecting, and has spoken extensively on gaining equal representation for female artists in the art world. Her work has also been highlighted in Fast Company, Cultured, Robb Report, Gotham, Domino, and Business News Daily.  Press focusing on Art, Tech and Gender:

Speaking on Art & Tech: