World Class Customer Service & White Glove Installation

When you place an order for your Series G display, our customer service team will contact you to arrange your in-person delivery and installation.

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Artist Credit: Lusha Alic

Artist Credit: Lusha Alic

To ensure successful same-day installation, your home or gallery space must have:

  • Strong Wi-fi - enough for streaming audio and video.

  • Wall space for a 48” wide and 48” tall display

  • Wall with supporting stud widths from 16” to 24”. Drywall, sheetrock, plywood and exposed wood surfaces are all ideal surfaces. Please contact us if you have any concerns about other surfaces.

  • Power outlets installed at the center point of the location on the wall where you’d like your Danvas display hung.  (A template will be provided.) Please note any electrical work required needs to be done prior to our installers arriving on site. If you can not provide concealed power through the wall behind the display, a cord option may be made available to you as a special order.

Prior to your installation you’ll be asked more details about your space. If your preferred location doesn’t meet these standards, our customer service team will work with you to try to find a more suitable space or resolve the issue to find a solution.

After installation, Danvas customer service will continue to be available via phone or email during business hours if you have any questions regarding your display.

We look forward to installing Danvas in your home or gallery space. Please contact us with any questions.