Introducing Danvas Series G

An unparalleled display designed for today’s digital art renaissance.

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A black Danvas frame, featuring a geometric work by Hermine Bourdin, hangs on a paneled wood wall with a dark marble shelf.
Artist Credit: Hermine Bourdin
  • A maple Danvas frame casts a shadow across an off-white wall.

    Stunning at Scale

    Our Premier Edition Danvas Series G square display is an impressive 48 x 48 inches. Because every detail of the world’s most innovative & beautiful art deserves to be shown in a truly unparalleled display.

    Artist Credit: Francesca Fini

  • A close up of the Danvas frame authentication light; a blue letter D beneath the frame's micro-LED display

    Connected Authentication Light

    When connected to your NFT wallet, your Series G will convey the authenticity of your artwork via a soft blue light indicator at the bottom of the display.

  • A close up of the corner of three Danvas displays, one in each finish: white, black and maple.

    The Perfect Finish

    Available in matte black, crisp white, or North American maple. All Danvas display frames are custom crafted in the United States and assembled to meet museum quality standards.

  • A closeup of the Danvas frame's acoustic channel reminiscent of a traditional float frame, but designed for incredible sound performance.

    Refined Acoustic Channel

    The Series G design is reminiscent of a traditional art float frame, but with a modern twist—the hand-carved curved channel offers perfect design proportion, while also delivering incredible sound performance. To create it required considerable design innovations, resulting in an iconic look exclusive to Danvas.

  • A front view of a white Danvas frame displaying an artwork by Bored Ape Yacht Club, showing a monkey with sunglasses and bunny ears

    Perfect Brightness Day and Night

    Danvas displays boast leading edge micro-LED technology which showcases artwork in incredibly rich color, strong contrast, and deep blacks, free of glare in all light exposures, with clarity from every angle.

    Artist Credit: BoredApeYachtClub

Seamless App Experience

Your Series G Display works seamlessly and securely with the Danvas App, allowing you to easily cast your favorite digital artwork or NFT, or arrange several to play over time as you’d like.

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Sign into your wallet (Using the Danvas™ app)
  3. Cast your NFTs
An Iphone screen showing the Danvas app. The screen shows the title and details of an NFT by the artist Flowerblocks.
Artist Credit: Flowerblocks
A maple Danvas frame, featuring an artwork by Sergey Piskunov, hangs in the center of an offwhite wall in a modern apartment with bright windows.
Artist Credit: Sergey Piskunov