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Help us create the world's most innovative and beautiful digital displays and revolutionize digital art engagement.

A maple Danvas frame displaying an artwork by Rimbawan Gerilya. The frame hangs on a black wall in front of a motorcycle.

Artist Credit: Rimbawan Gerilya

Artist Credit: Rimbawan Gerilya

At Danvas we deeply respect and appreciate artists, and want to help them achieve their goals, artistically and financially.  This means making sure our device displays digital art exactly as the artist envisioned, and making sure art collectors enjoy their display so much they ultimately buy more artwork.

In order to reach these goals, Danvas is looking to develop connections with digital artists who would like to: 

  • Participate in research sessions focused on device development. 

  • Collaborate on showcase or special exhibitions.

  • Enjoy Danvas sponsored artist meetup events - primarily IRL in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, but also online.  

  • Be connected with additional potential brand partners who would also collaborate on NFT exhibitions, activations or events.  

  • Potentially participate in artist advisory council sessions for Danvas leadership. 

This call is open to practicing, professional artists or artist teams worldwide with artworks who have already minted on a blockchain. We welcome all forms of digital art, but are especially interested in those that are kinetic, based in video or motion graphics, or are interactive in design. Applicants will be selected by Danvas’ curatorial team who will select and recommend artists for future project opportunities, based on appropriateness of their media and experience.

Please note, compensation or honorariums will be provided for collaborations and/or activities that call for artists to work or create.

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