Commitment to Art, Design and Engineering

Like any work of art, the details, design, and engineering of a Danvas digital display are what make it remarkable. From day one, along with our partners at the award-winning design firm Ammunition Group, we’ve worked to create a truly distinctive design that embodies the elevated spirit of this new digital art revolution. At Danvas we are committed to continuously evolving our products to the highest standard so they are consistently the display of choice for the most innovative and brilliant artists of our time.

A white Danvas frame hanging above a wooden desk, dispaying a bright red infrared photographic work by Tommy Lei
Artist Credit: Tommy Lei


Danvas was founded by Hernan Lopez (formerly of Wondery) and Jeanne Anderson (formerly of Saatchi Art). The idea for Danvas was born out of their shared love of working with creators and artists, and their optimism about this incredibly exciting moment in the history of art and tech.
Backed by Greycroft, Lerer Hippeau, VaynerFund, Waverley Capital, UTA Ventures, BDMI and other VC investors, and led by seasoned technology, art, and media leaders, Danvas is well positioned to create a truly revolutionary digital display experience.

A maple Danvas frame displaying a hyperrealistic painting by Sergey Piskunov, showing a mouse-like toy wrapped in 100-dollar bills. The frame is hanging on an off-white wall next to a stone mantle.
Artist Credit: Sergey Piskunov