Artists Credits: Monica Rizzoli, Gonzalo Miranda

Introducing the Premier Edition Series G

The first luxury digital display designed for the world’s most innovative art.

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Let us show you how Danvas can elevate your digital art collection and fit into your home or gallery.  Scroll down and select a time that works for you and our sales team will be delighted to meet you in person, or on zoom to introduce you to the beauty of Danvas.

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Danvas is proud to partner with some of the most innovative digital artists, esteemed galleries and premier auction houses in the world. View upcoming exhibitions featuring Danvas Displays.

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A large crowd stands and talks in front of a wall of Danvas displays cycling through a series of video NFT artworks.

The Danvas App

Easily cast a single digital artwork or NFT, or arrange several to play over time as you’d like. With the Danvas app, you can create your perfect digital art experience at home.

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The Danvas app, displaying a brightly colored flower artwork by Flowerblocks, sits in front of the frame it is casting the artwork to.

Artist Credit: Flowerblocks

A Truly Exceptional Art Experience

A brown Danvas frame hangs above a dark brown sofa with tufted pillows. The frame displays a piece by Thor Elias Englestad.

Artist Credit: Thor Elias Englestad

Danvas Series G Exclusive Premier Edition Available for a Limited time

To commemorate this historic launch, the first 50 Danvas Series G displays will be sold as Premier Editions with a hand-signed edition number on the backplate, as well as a special gift for the buyer from our founders. Premier Edition Series G buyers will also be recognized with additional ongoing benefits, including exclusive Danvas event access and art drop notifications. Order today to secure a Premier Edition and your place in digital art history.

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